About Us

ceo_spangledWe are a professionals and industry leaders in the designing and selling of window and door screens. Our level of experience is unmatched and our services are backed by a strong customer service culture. Our products are comprehensive enough and cover all types of windows and doors including out or in swing casement windows, tilt-out windows and all other types of doors and windows where you do not want your stunning views to be blocked by a fixed screen yet you require privacy. Our screens also provide adequate security to your home.

Why You Need Window & Door Screens

Doors and windows are the most vulnerable access point to your home. This is because criminals can easily break in and access your private areas. Our door and window screens have a window film that is applied directly to the glass thereby making it secure and hard to break.

Innovative Screens

Our products also incorporate 42 micro-layers of tear-resistant and strong safety film that slows down breakage even with the heaviest tools such as hammers and axes.

In addition, our windows and door screens are designed in such a way that they hold on to the glass after an impact thereby making it safe for you and your children from flying glass particles.


The screens are also available in stainless steel mesh which makes them rust proof. They are usually attached to the doors and windows using tamper proof screws. This makes them long lasting.

Exclusive Exterior View

The good thing with our screens is that they do not hinder the normal door and window movements. As a matter of fact, the screen presents a dark and tinted look from the outside when painted black but still gives a clear vision from the inside. This gives you an opportunity to see the goings on outside your house.

Our doors and windows screen give you the ultimate home security without interfering with your comfort.