How to Keep Your Aged Care Facilities Clean and Secure

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For you to protect the residents, your age care facilities have to be taken care of. A number of residents within the age care facilities usually have issues with loss of memory and this can put them in high risks of being injured if the environment around them is not conducive. It is therefore important that every room that harbors these facilities properly managed to minimize the possible risks.

How to manage spills

Blood and other body fluids can lead to spread of virus and other bacteria. This can be harmful to residents, workers and also guests who visit the healthcare facility. To stop the spread of the bacteria, the fluids have to be taken care of as fast as possible. Exposing them for a very long time can be dangerous. It is also recommended that you wear disposal gloves when going through the whole cleaning process. After the spills have been cleaning, the materials have to be effectively disposed too. Do not expose them in open air or places that are frequently visited. Wash your hands with a disinfectant after removing the gloves

Proper disposal of linen

Dirty linen can also be hazardous and can harbor various infectious agents. This can affect individual living within the premises. When washing linen, wearing gloves is helpful too. If there is an apron available, you can also consider wearing it. If you are cleaning linen from people with several infections, you need to protect yourself from being infected. You therefore need to be careful when going through the cleaning process.


The kitchen area is among the places that viruses are highly likely to hide. In this case, the elderly will be exposed to great risks on contacting different types of illnesses. The food preparation room therefore has to be kept as clean as possible. There should be a regular arrangement for the room to be cleaned on a daily basis. This should also be dome by use of clean rags and disinfectants. The individuals concerned also have to protect themselves during the cleaning process.


The bedrooms also have to be taken care of, especially when there is blood and other fluids that is introduced to the room via needles and pipes. There should also be proper air conditioning for fresh air to circulate into the room. The rooms also have to be monitored in case there is anything that needs cleaning so that they can be taken care of as soon as possible.


This is among the areas that are frequently visited by the elderly. If it is a shared room, then it has to maintain cleanliness. There are also risks of falls due to the slippery floors if the place is not properly cleaned.

With proper cleaning, you will be able to avoid spread of diseases from one individual to another. Age care facilities should therefore invest in professional cleaning services and ensure that the environment is clean and friendly for people who live in it. Can Works offer cleaning in Aged Care Facilities so give them a call today on 1300 306 826.

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