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Process of Aluminum Windows Installation

In the beginning there is necessity of things such as screws which must be stainless steel and the diameter should be more than 5 mm. Frame sections must not be less than 38 mm in depth in a normal condition. The stainless steel 4-bar hinges having a minimum width of 2.5 mm on each link bar. The thickness of aluminum sections must be above 2 mm. Proper size and strength of the windows members. The normal width of the open-able windows should be 700mm for this will shun the sash from having disproportionate wind force or deformation of hinges.

Prior to installation:

One must apply bituminous paint or sealant to the holes of the hinges and window frames before the installation of stainless steel screws or rivet so that they do not get corroded.


Window frames should be tightly fixed in the opening place of the window. Stainless steel or hot dip galvanized steel should be used where fixing lugs are adopted.

For Waterproofing:

Appropriate waterproofing grouting should be in proper quantity applied between the window frame and opening with an over coating of waterproofing material throughout the frame.

Fixation of the Components:

While installing fixing components such as screws and rivets proper measures to avoid corrosion must be taken to avoid direct connection within two different materials such as aluminum and stainless steel.

Addition of Sealant and Gasket:
Sealing of joints in window frames and sections should be properly done with suitable sealant.

Along the whole perimeter between the window frame and open-able sash, a continuous gasket of suitable materials must also be properly applied.


After installation, apply the paint or sealant to the heads of the screws or rivets to further improve resistance to corrosion. Further completing the installation of the windows or after finishing the complete restoration it is deeply necessary to clean away the heavy soil or cementations on the external finishes of the building or the windows. So, the acidic acid might be used but these chemicals tend to be corroded and could easily damage the aluminum windows and rivets and screws if they are not regularly cleaned.

Thus for such cleaning process one must prefer mild agent following which the window components including the fixing rivets or screws and hinges should be kept cleaned and properly rinsed and washed with fresh water so that it is protected for long. For later time only fresh water should be used to carry out any cleaning and washing of the windows so that it can be maintained for a long time and remains in good condition.

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