Windows and Door Screen Beach houses on the Sunshine Coast

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Did you know that sunshine coast didn’t have a central business district (CBD), but yet is one of the Queensland largest metropolitan areas? Well, now you know. Sunshine coast is a leading tourist destination area and located approximately 101 kilometers due north of Brisbane capital of Queensland. Sunshine coast encompasses surf spots, beach resorts among other eye-catching varieties. Sunshine Coast has been named as one of the best places of Brisbane. Most of its area is covered with the modern and best beach houses that people rent for holidays. Most people from within and overseas go for holidays to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine in this coastal town.

The very modern Beach houses on the Sunshine Coast host every kind of people who would wish to enjoy their holidays in this coastal area of Queensland.

Some of these beach houses will be listed down in this article.

•    The beach houses

These beach door screen and window houses are located a few kilometers from SEA LIFE sunshine coast. They are located in a very suitable area where the entire beach is visible. The beach houses offer a quite great deal which most visitors fall for.

•    The retreat beach houses

These houses are entirely windows and door screen beach houses; they are beachfront located around 150 meters from the Peregian beach.

•    Waves beach house

This particular beach house hosts up to 16 guests, the large capacity of this house makes it favorable to big families and other groups who might want to spend a holiday in large numbers.

•    Alex beach house

Alex beach house remains a favorite to most of the sunshine coast visitors. Despite the high pricing, the facilities offered in Alex beach house are of high standards.

•    Cockles beach house

Although this house is located little further from the beach, a distance of about 100 meters, its architectural design remains an interest to most of the visitors, and because of that I felt is important to list it here.

•    The jellyfish beach house

600 meters from the beach is where this famous house is located. The big games room remains a trademark for this house in which its visitors enjoy a lot. Most of them come from far distances to spend nights here with families and friends.


•    The Hastings

The Hastings beach house offers a number of quite several amazing deals. From free parking to smoke-free environment. The house moreover really appreciates the presence of kids.

•    Simply the best beach house

Lastly, as the name suggests, this tops the list of the beach houses of the sunshine coast.

Most of the beach houses of sunshine coast are designed using almost a similar architectural design and if I could be listing all the beach houses in this area, the list would be endless, but after a clear review and a little bit of sorting, I managed to list some, if not all of the best beach houses in sunshine coast of Queensland.


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